Saturday, May 20, 2006

Banks seek Islamic scholars versed in finance

A talent war for financially-literate Islamic scholars has erupted as Western investment bankers rush to sell their services to devout Muslims, reveals Gillian Tett of the FT.

So its now official: FT admits it. And furthermore, Dar Al Istithmar shariah consultancy is (supposedly) launching the world’s first dedicated training programme to create financially qualfied Islamic scholars.

In reality, various training programmes of this nature have been organised previously. This blog was an outcome of one such 7-day course held last March. For those who excelled in that programme, arrangements are in place for a 3-month visit to the CIE, Pakistan.

However, this is enough impetus for those 'Ulama who have time and resources at hand to indulge deeper into this field, even only for the sake of preventing foreign ideals and ideologies creeping under the banner of 'Islamic Banking & Finance', which, sadly are becoming increasingly apparent in some recent Shari'ah-modelled instruments.

As they say, it is enough for falsehood to proliferate that the proponents of truth do nothing.

(I just realized I am lecturing! Apologies!!)