Thursday, March 30, 2006

With sincere apologies!

Assalamu Alaikum!

Yes, I'm aware that some of the readers are quite upset that this blog has not been updated for days; days that seem years in cyberspace. And they are right in feeling so.

I have been extremely caught up with other things over the last few days. Also, the debates and issues posted here are also debated and deliberated upon in a private group forum (I don't run that!) as well as on Abu Eesa's blog. I just about managed to find some time to respond to the issues raised there. But these are just plain excuses. Simply, I am sorry!

The private forum is about as old (or as young) as this blog. It was created on the same basis as this one. But due to convenience's sake, i.e. contributors can just respond to their emails for discussion instead of coming onto a blog and commenting etc, we all agreed to continue with that group.

However, what I have thought to do, to keep this forum running, is to paste here the current issues undergoing debate and scrutiny that may be relevant to this blog. And I'll try my best to keep up my promise. I have requested all scholars to subscribe as contributing members, but as I mentioned it is not always conveneient for them with their punishing schedules.

What I would urge the readers to do is to make positive contributions also to this forum, keeping in mind the purpose behind it - which is to raise the awareness of and try to understand the nature of contemporary Islamic Finance.

Mutual respect and criticism etiquettes are valuable assets in Islamic Academia and should be maintained to the highest standards in the comments.

So, I am updating the previous topics now to begin fulfilling the promise.


Ibrahim Amin


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